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Sai Machine Tools is the right place for getting any extrusion machinery in India. We are the popular Plastic Extruder Machine Manufacturer in Indore who can provide the right kind of the solution through our products and the best advantages one get by using them. We are there in the industry from such a long time since 1998. The company has tried the best to reach out to the international market from the beginning of it’s operation. Our aim is always to provide the best and the unique solution of Extrusion System in India for our customers.

Sai Machine Tools Pvt. Ltd. is the company that has grown for becoming largest manufacturer of plastic extrusion plants including PVC twin pipe production machine in India. The company started the business in the year 1998 at Sector A, Sanwer Road Industrial Area Indore. The company is working under Ashok Jaiswal who is also the Managing Director.


Featured Extrusion Technik


Inline Drip Irrigation Tube Extrusion Line With Round Dripper

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Inline Drip Irrigation Tube Extrusion Line With Flat Dripper

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Fully Automated PPR 3 Layer Pipe Plants

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HDPE-1 copy

Most Advance HDPE Pipe Plants & Extruder

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Garden Tubing Extruder

Suction Hose Pipe Plants (Co-Extruin)

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Extruder manufacturer in Indore

Soft PVC Garden Tubing Plants

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Post Extrusion Equipment

Wire & Cable Coating Plants

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Braided pvc pipe plant manufacturers

Single Screw RPVC Pipe & Profile Plants

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